CCP invites all World of Darkness fans to join us for Los Angeles By Night: The Grey Ghost Masquerade 2013, September 19-22 on the deck of the gold ranked Historic Hotels of America Queen Mary Cruise Ship. In cooperation with Mind’s Eye Society, One World by Night, The Garou Nation, The Wrecking Crew, Onyx Path Publishing and By Night Studios this gala affair will celebrate the glitz and mystery of the World of Darkness.

Celebrating twenty years of Mind’s Eye Theatre and Live Action gaming, Los Angeles By Night brings together the style of the World of Darkness and blends it with the haunted atmosphere of the historic cruise ship which survived the bombardment of World War II and received the nickname “The Grey Ghost.”

LARP, Table Top, panels and parties will make up a weekend of mystery at Los Angeles By Night. Tickets will be going on sale shortly for this unique experience!Fix your credit score fast!

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