Mind’s Eye Theatre Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) changed the world, igniting a  creative spark that fans have flamed into a wildfire.  A wildly powerful and provocative style of entertainment, LARPing has proved so popular that multiple fan clubs and  organizations exist which are devoted solely to this style of gaming.  Newer fans still find and flock to these groups, creating an ongoing and vibrant interactive world.  A significant number of events at L.A. by Night are LARP events, a testament to their size and staying power.

Los Angeles By Night will offer the most lavish and detailed Mind’s Eye Theatre LARP environments possible.  Here you will find scenery ripped from the World of Darkness and dropped directly into our gaming space – stunning and period inspired historical rooms come to life next to ancient supernatural macabre settings.  The LARP experience at the Los Angeles By Night allows for a retreat from the mundane world all around us, a retreat that is all the greater for the rich environment presented in our convention space in Los Angeles.  There will be a number of original and new World of Darkness Mind’s Eye Theatre LARP events hosted by Mind’s Eye Society and One World by Night fan organizations.  Pre-existing membership in one of the fan organizations is not required to participate.  Both new and experienced players are welcome; pre-generated characters are available.

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