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Vampire: The Requiem

Venue Lead: Jeff Holland,

Storytelling Staff:

Local PoC:

VSS Download: Here

The rise of a new night: Kindred operate differently throughout the world. Some are very proud of their lineage. Others their covenant… or conspiracy… or, simply, their friends. This is a chance to showcase allegiances, forge new bonds and heal old wounds from ages past. The Prince of Lisbon is preparing for the eclipse and wishes his successor to be fully readied for the task ahead. He has invited Kindred from across the globe to join him in one of his ports of call in the Bahamas, the very spot where Columbus first made landfall. Transportation and safe haven will be provided to any who request it, but the Prince insists you leave any violence at home.

Behind the Proscenium

Vampire: The Masquerade – Camarilla Venue

Venue Lead: David Bounds,

Venue Second: Matthew Patrick,

Local PoC: James Steele,

VSS Download: here

Mihail of Sinaia is a Kindred of many and exotic tastes, none more prominent than his love for the extreme.  Since the formation of the Camarilla, he has pursued the borders of acceptable fashion, art, and experience.  Unable to find the optimal moment to enjoy these things in other parties, he began hosting his own.

The first event was held in 1953 when Mihail’s flagship, Martyr’s Obsession, docked at Gravesend, England.  The party lasted three nights and was considered near as legendary as those held by Villon himself and was only contained by the walls of the ship itself.

Since then, every ten years, Mihai chooses a city and docks his ship there to hold the largest, oddest, and most lucrative party that the Kindred world will see for another decade.  In years past there have been debates on the nature of Vitae next to an absinthe drinking contest.  There have been fashion shows where styles that Lady Gaga would find bizarre followed down the runway by Victorian standard, both elevated as most desired.  Most importantly, the trade of secrets is the best of any other location in the world, the currency made all the most valuable by the seeding of stock from Mihail’s own private reserve.

The last Grand Grotesquerie was September 15th, 2006.  Now, just seven years later, word spreads that the Martyr’s Obsession is preparing for another event, one that will be spoken of around the world, one that will make the bizarre and the magnificent seem pale.

 The Book of Nod states that in the Jyhad, the Nosferatu are the first to disappear.

Time to play.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Venue Lead: Jeff Fowler,

Venue Second: Aaron Gomez,

Local PoC:

VSS Downlaod: Here

No one knows what secret pathways and byways lurk deep within the hidden depths of the Umbra.  It would take lifetimes to learn and know many of the hidden paths and secret places, maybe even Generations.  Such time as perhaps, an ancestor spirit might have.

Travelling those ways, slipping between realms, lurks a shadowy group talked about in whispers and cautionary tales around campfires late at night to scare the young.  The Midnight Circus.  A Carnival of Darkness and Secrets.  Some even say that those who join the circus, or even are caught up in it are trapped and may never leave.

No matter what you hear or think you know, secrets lie deep within the Umbra.  Will you dare brave the depths of the Velvet Curtain to discover the answers to questions best left unasked?

NWoD Combined: Accord

Venue Lead: Nycci Daniels

Storytelling Staff:

Local PoC:

VSS Download: Here

A call for conference.  Representation from each of the Regions to discuss the possibility of a new group gaining admission to The Accord.  The Accord waits with bated breath – can the past be wiped away with a single vote?  What will this mean for the future?  What will this mean in the battle against the Truth?

The darkness falls, and the first strains of The Accord Ball are heard.  The music is strained though as politics clash with pleasure.  Quiet voices are heard through the music, politicking, preparing, wondering…worrying.

And outside, the chants of the Believers rise in a deathly chorus, calling you home, welcoming you with open arms, love and faith.

And the band plays on.

And the music continues on.

And the clock chimes its final strike…

And all Hell breaks loose.

Crush Depth

Vampire: The Masquerade (Sabbat)

Venue Lead: Sara Morris,

Venue Second: Randy Allen,

Storytelling Staff: Team Death Row Pardon

Local PoC: Dave D.

VSS Download: here

You thought the Sabbat venue for LA by Night was dead—didn’t you? Sure, it had been hit in the head with a shovel and buried in an unmarked hole. But never underestimate the Sword of Caine. The Sabbat venue has clawed its way from the grave, and it wants to play. Team Death Row Pardon cordially invites you to the ominous Boiler Room deep within the Queen Mary for a game of intrigue, menace, and barely-caged savagery.

After vanishing without a trace while on board an experimental U-Boat in 1943, a powerful Cardinal of the Sabbat has suddenly returned. His only message to the Sword of Caine has been an enigmatic invitation to an evening of discussion, ritual, and discovery aboard his vessel, Die Geisterjägerin. While the Cardinal has warned those who would satisfy their curiosity by accepting his hospitality that this gathering might involve “possible danger,” he has also promised that a Cainite able to meet an unknown challenge will walk away with a “reward of power to be found nowhere else in this world or the next.”

Will your Sabbat character have what it takes to seek out a mysterious prize hidden within a haunted submarine? Or will this ghostly vessel become their tomb? Join us in the Boiler Room of the Queen Anne on Friday, September 30th for “Crush Depth,” a game of Sabbat vampires hatching schemes and pursuing knowledge within the cold depths of the sea.

“Her Will Be Done”

Venue: Changeling: The Lost

Venue Lead: Brian Baker,

Venue Second: Patrick Colford,

Local PoC: Joshua Harris,

VSS Download: Here

A letter appears in the Hedge at Freeholds around the nation. Tacked on a board, laying on a couch, hanging on a Door, it is always found in someplace public where many will see it but none would assume it’s for them.  By the signature is a round stamp of a Trident coming up from the ocean, with a coin pieced on the outer prongs and a fish on the center.  Inevitably, somewhere nearby, sits a small, jet-black tortoise shell, empty of an animal inside.

For some, it’s a harmless bit of paper with a bunch of writing on it from some crazy guy calling himself Captain Neptune, commander of the “Grey Ghost”, and it immediately goes in the trash. For others, it’s a question about the security of their home Freeholds, and anyone found carrying the letter is interrogated as to how they got it, and what they know about the “Trident’s Chancellor”. And for a few, it’s a chance to become the new Captain of the Grey Ghost.

Unless someone’s planning on rocking the boat.

Parties. Intrigue. Ships. Captains. Mutiny on the high seas. What more could the Lost need?

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