Ticketed Special Events

Special events will be available during Los Angeles By Night.


“Blood & Betrayal: Secrets of the Grey Ghost” is the first official preview game for By Night Studio’s new vision of Mind’s Eye Theatre – Vampire the Masquerade. This original scenario will be designed and run by the By Night Studios development team, staff, and partners.

The By Night team is excited to invite Los Angeles by Night attendees to join us – but we can’t fit every attendee into one game! After careful consideration, we have decided to offer tickets as an optional add-on to your LAbN experience. Tickets are limited by the size of the space as well as to preserve game quality. We want to offer you a completely immersive, spectacularly-imagined, unforgettable experience. For that same reason, all proceeds from ticketed sales of this event will be invested directly in the preview game experience. Should you choose to attend, we hope to offer you a game that you will never forget!

Ticket price includes:

  • The opportunity to create a personalized character using a preview version of the MET Vampire: the Masquerade rules.
  • Advance information on the game setting, character limitations, and story frame, so that you can start planning for the event and assemble your costume with time to spare.
  • An invitation to a pre-game rules seminar and workshop hosted by the By Night Studios development team, so that you can understand and enjoy the new game fully.
  • Guaranteed admission to the game event itself.

For those who’d like to add an even deeper dimension to this experience, By Night Studios will offer a very limited number of special role characters (such as Primogen and Princes, and perhaps even more grandiose Kindred!) as reward tiers during its Kickstarter, which is slated to launch in April.

Assembled Kindred and Cainites, we bid you welcome to Blood & Betrayal: Secrets of the Grey Ghost!
Price: $20.00/ticket



You’ve heard the legends and rumors of what lurks beneath the Queen Mary’s elegance. Who better to peel back the layers of speculation and reveal the truth than someone who knew the truth was “out there” – a member of the X-Files’ infamous Lone Gunmen group, Dean “Ringo Langly” Haglund himself. Dean will personally guide you through the holds, throughways and crevices of the Queen Mary, detailing every gruesome detail of the ship’s haunted history. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to tour the Grey Ghost with the man that “Ghost Adventures” turned to as the expert! Tours start at 10:00AM, and are limited to 30 people per tour. Each attendee should expect to spend roughly an hour with Dean, and will receive an autographed picture as well.
Price: $35.00/ticket

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