Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Full refunds are available up until September 1st 2013.


Q: Is Los Angeles by Night exclusively a LARP convention?

A: No, Los Angeles by Night is aimed at all fans that enjoy the World of Darkness. LARP programming is one portion of the convention programming.


Q: I’m not part of one of the fan clubs. Can I still participate?

A: Yes, most of the events have pre-generated characters for people to play and helpful and friendly staff members to get you set up.


Q: What is the policy on individuals who have been suspended or expelled from one of the community fan organizations attending Los Angeles by Night?

A: For the safety and comfort of all of our guests, individuals who have been expelled, banned or suspended from any of the community fan organizations are regretfully not eligible to attend Los Angeles by Night.


Q: My fan group is not part of Los Angeles By Night but would like to get involved. What can I do?

A: Groups and individuals should contact Ric Connely via email at ric@ricbyrne.com.


Q: I want to run a table top game. Is this allowed and who do I contact?

A: Table Top games are encouraged. Please contact David Martin at thewreckingcrew@gmail.com.


Q: Will there be discount badges for ‘non-gaming’ spouses?

A: No, not all of our convention programing is specifically game related and all convention goers, regardless of what they choose to do, benefit greatly from the general perks of being part of the convention (such as the great hotel rates and after hours activities).


Q: Are guests that only choose to purchase a Marquis/Marquise ticket prohibited from attending The Succubus Club?

A: No, however we reserve the right to distribute general invites to The Succubus Club in a time and manner of our choosing which may or may not require some activity or task on the part of the recipient. Guests with Duke/Dutchess tickets and above are automatically *guaranteed* entrance with no additional requirements.


Q: Are perks from Grand Masquerade tickets going to be honored at Los Angeles By Night?

A: Grand Masquerade is a different event and management scenario. We are unable to honor items associated with Grand Masquerade, although those benefits will be carried forward to the next Grand Masquerade event, when it occurs.


Q: Are the special events such as the opening night VIP party, the Succubus Club, Dining with Darkness, Blood and Betrayal and the Tour of Darkness all happening on the Queen Mary?

A: Yes. All of these events will take place on the ship itself.


Q: Do I have to have Caine/Lilith pass to attend Blood and Betrayal?

A: No. Tickets to Blood and Betrayal can be purchased from our A La Carte add-ons section if it is not included in your preferred ticket package.


Q: What is Dining with Darkness?

A: Dining with Darkness is an exclusive dinner with our Special Guests – staff from CCP Games, By Night Studios, and Onyx Path Publishing. Dinner will be held at Sir Winston’s, the award-winning 5-Star restaurant aboard the Queen Mary. Pick the minds of the directors of the World of Darkness in all its forms while enjoying world-class service. With dinner ending at 8:30PM, you’ll still have time to enjoy your favorite games at Los Angeles by Night!


Q: What is The Succubus Club?

A: The Succubus Club is our biggest party, where event attendees can come together to dance, mingle, and do the unspeakable. Dress to thrill or dress to kill – just don’t miss it.


Q: When is the Opening Night VIP Party?

A: It will be Thursday evening aboard the Queen Mary.

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