Mind’s Eye Society

Minds Eye Society is an international fan organization dedicated to White Wolf’s World of Darkness in all its incarnations. One of the world’s largest gaming fan communities, with thousands of members all over the globe, MES not only offers global World of Darkness roleplaying chronicles but also supports charity fundraising, community service activities and social events organized by its members. MES members create and portray their characters in both the old and new World of Darkness settings in world-spanning chronicles that unfold via live-action games, IRC, email, regional, national conventions and special events like Los Angeles by Night.

Founded in 1992 under the name the Camarilla, MES is nearly as old as the World of Darkness itself, and we are honored to be a part of this extraordinary celebration of the games and worlds that have meant so much to us as players, fans and friends!

MES will host daytime and evening live-action roleplaying events. New players are welcome. Pre-generated characters available. For more details please refer to the individual event lists or contact MES Lead Storyteller (TBD).

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