One World By Night

One World by Night (OWBN) is an organization dedicated to creating links between White Wolf’s Mind’s Eye Theatre LARP games (or chronicles) around the world. OWbN hopes to enhance the enjoyment of its member chronicles by expanding local plots and then involvement of the individual chronicles, staffs, and players into a larger “World of Darkness.” Believing in the sovereignty of each chronicle so far as it does not impugn upon the cohesiveness of the organization as a whole, OWbN also feels that treating each chronicle, and by extension each player, with respect is the bedrock upon which sound cooperative Storytelling takes place.

OWbN currently stretches to over 100 chronicles in the US, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland and Israel and these chronicles are brought together for the purpose of sharing a broad and colorful story intricately weaves into a more wondrous tapestry of intrigue, creativity, and excitement. If you are interested in starting a game, bringing one into our organization, or simply just want to find one near you; you can find us online at or by dropping us an email at

One World by Night will be offering daytime and evening live action Vampire: The Masquerade events, including Camarilla and Sabbat games. For further information please look at individual event listings and/or contact the OWbN Los Angeles By Night ST Team at

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